Good Sam Health System - September 13, 2017

You know that song – the one you blast through your speakers on a day when it’s all going your way. Well THAT song may just be THE song for your labor. Parents have been making "mix-tapes" for years as the soundtrack to their labor experience but medical experts are now finding there’s some real benefit to musical interaction during labor.

Music can help the time go by quickly but, more importantly, L&D nurses and doctors say surrounding yourself with music you love may actually reduce anxiety, which can stall labor. And music can be a auditory focal point in the midst of a busy room.

Recently, an online radio platform released their gynecologist-designed "birthing playlist" that features songs in an order that is "scientifically-designed" to help women who are in labor, but experts say you can tailor your own playlist that just as effective.

Some tips on picking songs:

  • Choose 5-10 hours of songs. You don’t have to listen to it continuously.
  • Group songs into different stages, starting with slower, more relaxing songs for early labor, and moving to high tempo/high energy for pushing.
  • Take a peek at lyrics before adding a song to your list. Some songs have messages that are perfect for hard work while others might make you sad during the heightened emotions of child birth.
  • Mix in a few theme songs for the occasion, like Just Breathe (Pearl Jam), Push It (Salt-N-Pepa) and Try (P!nk), or Mamma Mia (ABBA).
  • Have family member or friends add their favorites to remind you of all those anticipating the fruits of your labor.

Keep a copy of the songs in your baby’s memory box – it’s a great reminder of the times and will make a fantastic playlist for the graduation party years later.

If you aren’t ready to build your own playlist, the hospitals of Good Samaritan Health System have created a station that caters to your needs. Launch our new Pandora station Healthy Vibes” radio as we deliver more than dreams for you and your baby.