Good Sam Health System - September 01, 2017

This year’s new technology breakthroughs are making for happy parents everywhere. These inventions – many born out of frustration by exhausted parents struggling with everyday challenges – lend a hand and provide peace-of-mind.

Smart Bands

Similar to a Fitbit or other tracker bands, the baby-focused versions track steps, calories burned, hydration, and sleep. They also track breastfeeding and bottle feeding, pumping, vitamins and medications, and diapers changes. Some models can collect data points while you sleep for fertility tracking while others can be used to monitor contractions during labor. Look for bands that sync with apps, allowing users to store the data and get alerts.

Sleep Monitors

The technology in sleep monitors lets parents monitor heart rate from a smart phone and receive an alert if baby’s oxygen level drops out of range. Wearable models slip on like socks while mat models slide under bedding. Some models can also give a nudge if there’s been no motion for an extended period of time, and can be used to detect moisture for potty-training help with toddlers.

Self-installing Car Seats

Cue the confetti and start celebrating! New car seat models feature auto leveling and auto tensioning once they are placed in your vehicle. Other include a diagnostics program that runs each time you snap in the carrier, to ensure a safe ride.


Parents love convenience and a new crop of apps solve a whole host of baby needs right on your smartphone. Look for apps that are sleep soothers, white noise machines, baby journals, sign language basics, and feeding or illness trackers.